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Flipp’n Burger

It was my colleague Mo’s turn to select the restaurant for our corporate lunch. He picked Flipp’n Burger, a retro diner specializing in super-sized halal beef and chicken burgers. For this post, let’s listen “Take On Me” by a-ha.

Most of us ordered the signature burger, The Flipp’n ($15.75). I opted for Onions Rings ($5.95) with garlic aioli. The batter on the onion rings was crisp and puffy. Since we ordered delivery, the onion rings were cold and a tad greasy. I preferred Sharon’s deep-fried pickles. The thin coating was still crispy, while the pickle was still warm and juicy. The garlic sauce was pungent, with more minced garlic than aioli. The flipp’n sauce was creamier with a strong smoky flavour. Next time, I’d order something simpler, like ranch.

We were all wowed by our burgers. The beef was charred and crusty on the outside. The smell and flavour of the ground beef were intense, and the texture was somewhat dry with a nice chew to it, like a coarse sausage. The double patties were hefty pucks glued with melted cheddar and Swiss cheese. Each ingredient was generous and high quality, from the sauteed mushrooms to the thick-cut bacon.

A week ago, I tried V Burger and enjoyed it, and I’m also a fan of Flipp’n Burger, though the two are opposite. V Burger was wet with an abundance of sauces. Flipp’n Burger serves up a flame-broiled burger, so you get this mouth-watering fragrance and the caramelized bark on the patty. I want to take L to Flipp’n Burger on our next date night because I know he will be impressed.

A new hire in our office suggested we order from Alumni Sandwiches for our next corporate lunch. I suggested if he wanted to pick the spot, he should volunteer on our social committee. He was in, even stating that he knows the owner’s brother-in-law and would pick it up himself if Alumni wasn’t on a delivery app. Connections, perseverance, and good taste! A welcome addition to our team. 

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