Hitting the Sauce

In 2009, I moved from Vancouver to pursue my master’s degree at the University of Calgary. I fell in love with the city as well as a native Calgarian, and after graduating I decided to make Calgary my new home.

To celebrate the completion of my studies, I treated my family and friends to dinner at Anju Restaurant. The food and overall experience was so wonderful, I was inspired to start a blog documenting my experiences eating at my favourite restaurants.

All food bloggers have their own approach to writing about restaurants. It is my preference to focus more on the positive than the negative. My mother owned two small businesses, before Yelp became popular. I always think of her when I want to vent about a bad experience at a restaurant.

With the exception of a past post, my reviews are not sponsored by any restaurant. Please do not contact me for free food in exchange for a review.


If you are a chef or restaurant owner and have any corrections or concerns, feel free to email me.

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