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Nami Sushi

When Beep Beep was in town, I cooked several meals. By Sunday night, I was ready to order in for dinner. I used Skip the Dishes and decided on Nami Sushi. For this post, let’s listen to Led Zeppelin, one of my favourite rock bands. And yes, I know this music doesn’t go with the food in this post. Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants.

We ordered a Negitoro Maki ($4.25), a Rainbow Roll ($10.95), a Salmon Battera ($9.95) and a Flames Roll ($10.95). Including delivery and tip, our bill was about $50.00. When you have a baby and motoring around is complicated, the convenience is worth the extra charges.

rolls 2.jpg

My least favourite roll was the Rainbow Roll. This is pretty much a glorified California roll with pieces of raw fish and mango sauce draped on the top of each piece. I was surprised Beep Beep ordered this because since I knew her in 1996, she never ordered a Rainbow roll. When I asked when she started eating Rainbow rolls, she responded it was a new thing. Beep Beep noticed the tobiko was green. She said she never ate green tobiko before. I thought it was festive and reminded me of Christmas.


Our favourite roll was the Salmon Battera. The torched salmon was smoky and slightly sweet. There was a thin layer of avocado underneath the salmon. Decadent and delicious. The appearance of the sushi rolls weren’t the most appetizing, but it tasted good to us.


The negitoro roll was very salty. I liked the addition of fresh chives and that there was more filling than rice.

The Flames roll was good, but not as good as the salmon battera. I found the unagi sauce too sweet and the tempura bits inside the roll competed too much with all the other ingredients – spicy salmon, avocado, and benito.

I would order take-out again. It’s not in the same league as Shokunin, where the fish is incredibly fresh and of superb quality and immaculate presentation. But if your home  and don’t want to leave the house,  Nami Sushi and Grill will do in a pinch. I would order the Salmon Battera again and perhaps some simple maki rolls.

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