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Newcastle Pub

Whenever L and I have a big decision to make, we discuss it over a pint at Newcastle Pub. We started this tradition when we bought our first home. Personally, I think it’s just an excuse to drink. We both know what we want to do before we even slide into a booth. For this post, let’s listen to “Just What I Needed” by The Cars.

The last time we visited, L ordered the Truffle Parmesan Fries ($9.5). Double damn! This shit was unreal. The large portion of fries were steaming hot and extra crispy. The potato chips were cut wide with a soft silky interior. L and I thought the taste of the truffle oil worked well with the tartness of the balsamic aioli. The smell of the fresh parsley helped tone down the heady scent of the truffle and parmesan.


On our most recent visit, our server recommended we try the Smoked Meat Burger ($12.95). For only three bucks, we upgraded to the truffle parmesan chips. This burger was so delicious, I want to add another expletive but as my father reads my posts, I’ll refrain.


The beef brisket was piled high, tangy from the BBQ sauce and fragrant from the smoker.  The fried onion strings added a pleasing crunch that contrasted with the soft, saucy meat. This burger is not from your average pub.


Jay, the manager at Newcastle, come over to see if we were happy with our meal. I told him that I couldn’t remember the last time I enjoyed a burger this much. Jay informed me that he was an executive chef for 30 years, and his cooks do things a little differently than other folks. For example, prime rib is used for the brisket and they smoke it themselves.

Check out Newcastle’s feature burgers. It’s obvious a lot of thought is put into the features. Hitting the Sauce is so infatuated, she’s putting her local pub on her list of favourite restaurants in Calgary.

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Last Straw Ale House

As of late, I’ve been up in the community of Tuscany. It’s a beautiful community but man, the pickings for restaurants are scarce.  My buddy thinks Tuscany is the perfect community to raise their children but it’s no centre of the universe urban oasis for DINKS  like me. Let’s listen to something city’ish. For the record, I’m no fan of the show Sex and the City.

Last month, I was in for a blue cheese salad ($14.00). The salad was fine, something I could make at home. The portion was filling for a satisfying lunch.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 5.05.50 PM

Last week, I met up with my husband and my buddy Baron for wing night. On Wednesdays, wings are 39 cents. We ordered pints of Grasshopper, salt and pepper, Buffalo, Jerk wings and fries with mayo.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 5.06.17 PM.png

Service was efficient and friendly. Despite it being a busy night, we received prompt service.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 5.07.58 PM.png

For 39 cents, you can’t complain. The wings were hot and crisp. The chicken itself was bruised with blue and black discolouration. Graphic and kind of made me want to become a vegetarian.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 5.07.50 PM.png

The fries were crunchy and fresh from the fryer, but over salted to the point I had to rub some of the salt off with my napkin. However, that didn’t stop me from eating most of the fries.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 5.07.43 PM.png

If I met Baron here again, I’d return for beers and unsalted fries. As the service was good, I would give this pub another chance. I hear the pizza is tasty.

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Tudor Rose – Sunday Happy Hour

Last Sunday, Chris, Barbie and I went door knocking with Ward 3 candidate Jyoti Gondek.  When we were finished, she told she was taking us out for food to celebrate a new milestone – 7, 500 doors! Since Jyoti’s number one priority is to ensure the needs of ward 3 communities are not overlooked, I’m going to play the song ‘Uprising’ by Muse.

We went to her favourite local pub –  Tudor Rose. On Sunday afternoon, Tudor Rose offers an appetizer special – two for one appetizers. We each picked a dish – Crispy Calamari ($12), Stuffed Yorkies ($13), Pub Wings ($13) and Basil Meatballs.

Stuffed yorkies.jpg

I tried everything but the stuffed yorkies as Chris was famished and he could use the calories more than I. These babies looked glorious – nicely brown, puffed up and filled with beef and soaked in dark gravy. I tried the horseradish dip and that had a nice bite to it.


I enjoyed the super-sized beef meatballs. I liked the sprinkle of feta cheese and the tangy tomato sauce. The beef was tender and I could tell the basil inside the meatball was fresh. When I ate this I imagined a little elderly Italian woman in the back of Tudor Rose making homemade meatballs by hand. I have a wild imagination.


The wings were hot and crispy. I appreciated the garnish of fresh vegetables – celery, carrots and bell peppers. The wings were meaty and moist. I’ve been told not to use the word ‘moist’ because people find the adjective gross.  I could use the word juicy but I don’t find chicken juicy. Chicken doesn’t squirt juices out like a nice steak. I stand by the word moist.


The calamari was a non-typical version. The squid came in squiggly ringlets. The exterior  of the squid had more of a crumb texture than the battered type you get at Paros Souvla. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy the non-creamy dip, but it was good and probably a lot healthier. The calamari was tasty on its own so that it didn’t need anything other than a squirt of lemon.

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 5.58.21 PM.png

The municipal election is coming soon… October 16, 2017. If you plan to vote, check out the City of Calgary’s election website and learn where you can vote and more about the candidates in each ward.

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Tudor Rose – Ward 3 Team Meeting

On Thursday, I attended Jyoti Gondek‘s Ward 3 meeting at Tudor Rose in Panorama Hills. At the previous meeting, two rounds of food were ordered. I noticed that the majority of the second round was uneaten. The Chinese in me couldn’t let this wastage go on. I told Jyoti I wanted to be in charge of ordering all the food for all functions and meetings.

Part of the problem of ordering is that you never know how many people are going to show up. Most volunteers don’t know if they can go until the last-minute. When I placed the initial order, there were six people at the table. By the time the food arrived, we were at 15. I would just add an additional dish as more people came in.

I ordered three Tudor Rose Platters ($33), three nacho platters ($16) and four 8″ two-topping pizzas ($8.50, a special that night). The platters offer variety and good value.

You can pick three select appetizers for the Tudor Rose Platter, plus fries. The chicken fingers were good – the beer batter was a nice change from the usual breadcrumbs and the meat was cut into strips similar to the size in fish and chips. The calamari was my favourite. Each platter got a ton of these tender, lightly fried squid.  The fries were tasty.

I ordered nachos without meat, so that the vegetarians at the table had something to nibble on. When I order for groups, I try to avoid ordering food with pork and when I pick meats, it’s always chicken and beef. I don’t normally like nachos because I find them dry. These nachos were the exception. The cheese was soft and gooey and remained so for a long time.

Small pizzas were on special that night. I picked cheese pizza, Hawaiian and ham, and sausage and mushroom. Tudor Rose is one of Jyoti’s favourite places for pizza.

I asked our server to stagger the food on the table. I would get up and move dishes around so the volunteers could try different flavoured wings and pizzas. Some volunteers demolished the nachos but wouldn’t touch other dishes, so I would rotate food in and out. At the end of the night, there was only a small amount of nachos leftover and everyone was stuffed. Mission accomplished!

The staff were friendly and the manager even came over at the end to ask how everything was and thank us for the business. Our server was excellent at remembering everything we ordered and did a fantastic job.

I’m excited to help out for Jyoti’s future campaign events. I’m going to hunt for unusual spaces, restaurants and food trucks. If you have any suggestions for venues in Ward 3 or elsewhere in the city, let me know.


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