Stonyslope Brewing Company

Bex.oxo received some excellent news and took me out to celebrate at Stonyslope Brewing Company. She knows the owners, and ever since she attended the soft opening, she’s been raving about the homemade bread and sour cherry beer. Let’s listen to “I Bake the Bread” by Reckless Johnny Wales for this post.

The brewery has a safe, family vibe. We sat near the front, so I could overhear several customers coming up and wishing the owners success on their new venture as well as the arrival of their newborn baby. Ten minutes after our arrival, the owner’s father announced that it was his wife’s birthday. Everyone sang happy birthday to a slightly embarrassed but happy-looking wife.

We couldn’t order the cherry sour, as it was so popular it sold out. Instead, I ordered an Osmotar (12 oz, $6.50), a light Finnish farmhouse ale. My beer was cool, mellow in flavour and foamy.

For food, Bex.oxo ordered most of the menu. She requested two orders of Bread and Butter ($12), Meats ($7), Cheeses ($7), Pickles ($4), Popcorn ($4) and Perogies & Sausage ($18). Stonyslopes nailed the food. Now, this is a quality charcuterie!

The homemade Amish bread was warm, and the hand-churned butter melted in my mouth. The bread is baked daily and brought out fresh from the oven. The bread is so good, I saw a customer buy some bread and butter to bring home. I like combining each bread piece with butter and meat or just butter and cheese. Bex.oxo loved the Ski Queen Whey, a Norwegian cheese which tastes like a cross between fudge and caramel. Her favourite combination was to eat the popcorn with the Ski Queen.

For meats, we sampled the Soppressata, Landjäger, prosciutto salami, and Mennonite sausage. Each meat was impressive – thick cut, chewy and delicious. I’m bringing L next time, as I know he would appreciate the selection of meats and cheeses.

The asparagus, pickles, and carrots are clearly from a local farm. Crunchy, bright and tangy, these are some of the best-pickled vegetables I’ve consumed. If Stonyslope sold their pickled vegetables by the jar, I bet they would fly off the shelves.

The perogies were sensational. The dough on the perogies was ultra-thin, while the piping hot filling was silky yet fluffy. The Spraggs sausage was so good I couldn’t stop eating it. I would get this again.

I left super stuffed and blissfully bloated from all the beer, bread, meats and cheeses. Thanks, Bex.oxo, for treating me out to a delicious night. I’m a fan, and I give Stonyslope two phat thumbs up!

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