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Since L’s been away, Bex.oxo has helped me with pet sitting, as my dog gets extra anxious when his dad is gone. On Tuesday, I received a text from her that my little boy had an unfortunate incident involving my new white couch. I told Bex.oxo not to worry about the crime scene, as I would deal with it when I returned. She didn’t listen to me and took care of the problem. I immediately called my mother-in-law, who was only too happy to take Brut to her house until L was back home. Let’s hear ” Wipe Out” by the Surfaris for this post. 

On Thursday, I told Bex.oxo that I was taking her out for dinner. We decided on Una Pizzeria in West Springs, as we both like the food, and I could make online reservations. If I’m going out for dinner, I’ll generally avoid any restaurant unless I can get a reservation. 

I asked Bex.oxo if she had any food restrictions. She told me to order whatever, and she would pick out any ingredient doesn’t like. I love how low maintenance she is. We ordered a glass of wine (Francis Coppola, $15, house sauvignon blanc, $9), Kale Caesar ($20), Gnocchi Bianca ($23), Veggie Pizza ($18), and Roasted Cauliflower ($16). 

Our server did an excellent job spacing out all the dishes. I enjoyed the leisurely pace as it allowed us to take our time to enjoy all the different dishes at their optimal temperature.

The first dish we tried was the roasted cauliflower. I never eat cauliflower at home because it tastes like rubber to me. To make cauliflower taste this good, you have to have a strong sauce game. Una nailed it. We enjoyed the combination of rich, hot buttery brown sauce, the cool tahini crème fraîche, sweet dates, and fresh herbs. Bex.oxo noted that the addition of fresh dill and the sweetness of dates gave this dish the perfect balance of lightness and decadence.  

I’m a fan of Una’s organic local kale salad. The kale tasted like it was massaged with olive oil and lemon. My favourite part of this salad is the fine dusting of crunchy panko, sharp shards of pecorino romano and the still warm, salty, crumbly bacon. 

Oh my Cod, the gnocchi bianca was worth the calories. Each gnocchi was hot and super soft, dosed in a thick garlic cream and grana padano. I loved the complex flavour from the house-made bacon, as it added another layer of umami. I would get this again.

Currently, the pizza I liked best at Una is the veggie. Bex.oxo thought the feta went well with the roasted red peppers, sundried tomato puree, and honey. What she appreciates about the pizza at Una is the care put into all the ingredients. Like the finely slivered crunchy onions, the quality of the cheeses, and the sweetness of the peppers. I enjoyed the hot, stringy cheese and the puffy crust with the crisp edges and the crunchy bottom. The only thing that would enhance this pizza would be a side of garlicky aioli, which I didn’t see on the menu. Bex.oxo told me her favourite pizza is the Tiki, which I’ll have to try when we return.

As we were eating, I noticed an accumulation of mushrooms piling on her plate. Bex.oxo says she doesn’t like shrooms, and it’s a texture thing. I’m glad I didn’t order the mushroom pizza. I like the cremini mushrooms at Una, as they have a firm, meaty texture with a robust, earthy flavour.

I made Bex.oxo order dessert. She was so full that she could only have a taste. Our server came back with a lid. How adorable is that? I’m a big fan of Una, there’s more than just pizza, and I found all our dishes enjoyable. Hitting the Sauce gives Una two phat thumbs up.

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Von Der Fels – COVID-19 dine-in edition

Quebecoise’s parents are in town, which meant she and her husband Sirski could get away for a double date. Both haven’t been to Von Der Fels, which in my opinion is the place to get mind-blowing food, with zero pretension. For this post, let’s listen to “Strawberry Letter 23” by Shuggie Otis.

Québécoise and I ordered a glass of bubbles to start – Aubusieres Vouvray France Chenin Blanc (5 oz, $16). L and Sirski chose a Kinabik pilsner from Sylvan Lake ($8). I enjoyed my bubbles – it was dry and smooth. I thought it was better than the bottle of champagne we had just consumed at our place. Québécoise disagreed and said nothing is better than champagne.

The restaurant is small to begin with, but with COVID-19 restrictions and the implementation of large plastic dividers between tables, there are even fewer tables available. We were lucky to snag the best seat in the house – the round table by the front window, complete with a view of the Calgary Tower.

Quebecoise and Sirski know more about wine than I do, so I deferred to them. Quebecoise asked for a white wine that wasn’t oaky. When she noticed our server also spoke French, she switched to her native tongue. He recommend a textured white wine- La Collière, Côtes-du-Rhône (2017, $60). Quebecoise was happy and exclaimed the wine was “bon”. She found the wine aromatic, bright and not acidic – a good choice because it wouldn’t overpower the food.

I knew Quebecoise would enjoy the Smoked Castlevetrano Olives ($8). These little olives are incredibly juicy with a subtle smoky aftertaste. My buddy Jaime goes crazy over these olives, so much she wanted to get an extra order to bring home in Kamloops.

The Korean Fried Oyster ($4) tasted of the sea. The plump oyster morsel was soft and creamy as a poached egg. The batter was light and delicate. The crunch of the cucumber garnish was refreshing.

Each couple shared a Green Tomato and Mortadella Tempura Sandwich ($8). I could hear the crunch of the thinly battered tomato as I bit into it. The tomato itself was firm, smeared with a sauce that reminded me of Thousand Island dressing.

The Pizza Fritta with black truffles and potatoes ($15) was lighter in flavour than I anticipated because I’m used to the pungent black truffle salt from Silk Road Spice Merchant. I enjoyed the contrast between the crackling of the batter to the softness of the slice of potato. I thought the simple sprinkling of salt was the perfect condiment for the combination of ingredients.

The seafood in the Scallop and Shrimp Crudo ($29) was so fresh. L thought the combination of the toasted pine nuts and the softness of the artichokes paired well with the silky scallops and sweet shrimp. I liked how the the artichokes weren’t acidic as I prefer a clean flavour over a strong herby marinade. We all wondered where Von Der Fels buys their seafood. I can’t remember when I tasted shrimp with such a soft delicate texture and clean flavours. This was L’s favourite dish.

One of my favourite dishes was the Wild Squid Haskap Berry Aguacile ($20). The batter was brittle and light, similar to the crispy skin on Sukiyaki House’s agadashi tofu. The non-fried squid was soft and tender, and again, with that pureness you can only get with super fresh seafood. The fresh basil and the brightness of the berry sauce was unique and made me think of Scandinavian cuisine.

My other favourite dish was the Charcoal Grilled Pork Toro Lettuce and Herb Wraps ($36). This dish reminded me of Peking duck wraps. I loved the combination of the sizzling, fatty meat with the fresh basil and lettuce. I actually prefer pork toro over Peking duck because of the intense smoky flavour of the pork.

At the end of the night, Quebecoise and I wanted one more drink. She asked for a cocktail that was fruity, herby and not sweet. What we received was pure heaven. If you want to get sauced, this is the drink for you. I asked our server what was in this magical elixir of life. The only information I could squeeze out of him was there was some champagne and strawberries in it. Quebecoise said she could tell it was really boozy. I could tell I was in love. If I could name this drink, I would call it the Cinderella because after consuming just one of these drinks, I can see why she lost her shoe after the ball. I’m glad L took me home immediately after, because I would have surely turned into a pumpkin.

Please Von Der Fels, put this drink on your regular menu. This cocktail is a masterpiece. The Cinderella cocktail ties with Klein/Harris’ D’Angelo martini for best cocktail in the city. Hitting the Sauce gives Von Der Fels two extra chubby thumbs up.

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Bar Von Der Fels

In the past two weeks, I’ve visited Bar Von Der Fels twice. I can’t help myself. The wine is divine and I’m a creature of habit. I really should branch out and try new restaurants, but Bar Von Der Fels hasn’t let me down yet. For this post, let’s listen to “I’m a Lady by Santigold.

L and I scored the best seats in the room, the table by the window. I sampled three bottles before I found a white wine I appreciated – La Croix Gratiot ($16). I found this wine fresh, light and crisp, with no lingering aftertaste. L tried OT and Bar Von Der Fel’s collaboration sour ($8) as well as a double IPA ($8).

L and I always order the House Made Bread and Homemade Cheese ($7). The toasted sesame seeds and salt balanced the softness of the bread and the fresh, mild cheese. I love the olive oil – it has a notable grassy flavour.

L and I shared the Raw Kingfish ($21) with hakurei turnip, yuzukoshi and crisp lettuce leaves. Our server told us their fish couldn’t get any fresher, it arrived that morning alive and well. The mayonnaise tied all the ingredients together. I could detect a sparkle of heat from a spice – I’m guessing cayenne.

My new favourite item on the menu is the Charcoal Grilled Broccoli ($15). The broccoli was crunchy with a heavenly smokey flavour. The sambal sauce and lime with the crispy shallots added an element of brightness and zing.

I like the slow pace in which our dishes were brought out. When we were pondering what else to get, our server brought over complimentary Alberta turnips with the silkiest, most wholesome tasting butter. The green end of the turnip had a spicy heat. I thought the simplicity of the turnips helped to showcase the quality of the butter.

L wanted dessert so I picked the Honey Semifreddo ($9). Holy dessert Batman! You’ll be hard pressed to find a better dessert than this. The white chocolate contained crunchy rice puffs, and the combination melted in my mouth. The strawberries were jam packed with sweetness. The dessert was large enough for a light meal.

Thank you Bar Von Der Fels for being such a consistent star in Calgary’s culinary scene. We look forward to our next visit.

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Bar Von Der Fels

I took L to Bar Von Der Fels to celebrate his good news. In light of the provincial election, let’s listen to something presidential –  Lady Gaga “Government Hooker.

Though the bar is small, the seating feels more spacious than larger restaurants. I noticed that Bar Von Der Fels doesn’t jam its space with tables. I dislike it when restaurants pack the place so tight, it’s difficult for me to get up without exposing either my ass or crotch to the adjacent table. In New York, Kyoto and Tokyo, I found super tight quarters are the norm.

beer one.jpg

I told L to ask for a beer recommendation. The staff at Bar Von Der Fels know their booze. L decided on Collective Arts ‘ransack the universe’ India pale ale ($10). The ale reminded him of Philip’s Electric Unicorn but better because it was lighter and simpler.

wine one.jpg

I asked for a recommendation for a full-bodied wine. I tried three wines before I settled on an Italian red – Domodimonti Il Messia 2015 ($16). I found the wine plummy, silky, and light. Nothing in particular jumped out – it was just a well-balanced wine.


L’s new favourite dish in Calgary is the Bread and Fresh Cheese ($7). The warm bread and cool cheese complimented each other. The buns were soft, heavy and fluffy. The cheese was light and cold, with a texture similar to whipped cream.

che up.jpg

We tried what is considered by some to be the finest cheese in the world – King of Cheeses ($15). Comte is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk. The cheese has a nutty flavour and sweet aftertaste. Personally, I much preferred the fresh cheese over the prized comte.


The Empire Provisions Salumi and Prosciutto ($9) was stunningly delicious. L and I couldn’t believe what we were tasting. Both meats were so flavourful. The thin slices melted from the heat of my finger. I’m a die hard Peasant Cheese customer, but after sampling these two meats, I need to shop at Empire Provisons.


L ordered a can of OT Brewing Company’s ‘flagstick’ beer ($7). The ale was light and refreshing with tiny bubbles. This is the sort of beer that that you could crush all day long on a patio. L enjoyed it so much, he bought some the next day from Coop Liquor Store.


I sampled two more wines before I settled on a French red –  Jean-Marc Burgaud Beaujolais Villages Les Vignes de Lantignie 2017 ($14). I found this wine interesting and I liked the juicy, mellow finish.

wine 2.jpg

L and I thought the Brussels Sprouts ($13) acted almost like a palate cleanser. The salad was light and sweet like a coleslaw, filled with soft slices of pear and crunchy bits of celery. The toasted pine nuts added an earthiness to the salad.

brussel sprout.jpg

Our last dish of the night was unreal. I could taste the BBQ flavour in the Smoked Bison Tartare ($22).  The tartare was so fresh it reminded me of sashimi.


I savoured each potato chip. I don’t know what sort of oil was used, but it made the chip smell and taste incredible. When I held the chip against the candle, it looked like a piece of stained glass.


I was enjoyed the evening so much, I indulged in one more glass – Roc’ Ambulle ($16). I like my bubbles and I like them French. I found this glass refreshing, a touch tart and not sweet.

last wine.jpg

The Michelin guide covers 25 countries but not Canada. I told L that I have been to two Michelin star restaurants (Cafe China and Tim Ho Won), one Bib Gourmand restaurant (Kagari, Tokyo) and one Michelin Plate restaurant (Buvette, New York). I think if those restaurants made it on the list, so should Bar Von Der Fels and Shokunin.

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New York – Buvette

Beep Beep wanted to check out Buvette because it was a Michelin recommended restaurant. We stopped by for a glass of wine and found the bistro so charming, we went again the following morning for her birthday breakfast. We arrived when the restaurant opened at 7:00 a.m.  so we could make it in time for the Wendy Williams show. For this post, let’s listen to the show’s theme song. 

Everything inside the bistro was adorable. I like the Parisian décor and the tiny seats and chairs. The narrow wooden stairs and brick walls added to the room’s vintage vibe.

Beep Beep ordered a latte ($6.5) and I requested an Americano ($4). I don’t normally like lattes but Beep Beep’s beverage was excellent. The foam was thick and creamy. The coffee was strong with just the right amount of milk to take the bitterness out of it.

We ordered Saumon Fume ($16) and the daily Omelette ($16). The steamed eggs in the salmon dish was smooth and custard-like. The salmon wasn’t like the frozen stuff I’m used to eating in Canada. The fish was thicker, fresher and tasted more sashimi-like. I loved the addition of the crème fraiche and the sourness of the pickled caper berries. I’d order this again.


The omelette was fluffy and moist. Simplicity at its best – I didn’t know eggs could taste this good. The generous layer of chevre was light and melted in my mouth.

Beep Beep and I got out of Buvette and in line for Wendy’s show by 7:55 a.m. As it was her actual birthday, Beep Beep was given a tiara to wear on the show. However, since she had already brought a tiara and it was far nicer, she gave it away. Beep Beep also brought a pink feather and rhinestone crown for me to wear.

I’ve never even seen an episode of Wendy so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Instead of doing her usual Q&A routine, Wendy announced that she was living in a sober house. I was shocked – as was the crew when they stopped filming. Beep Beep spoke to Wendy after the show and gave her words of support. Wendy nodded and asked if it was also my birthday, since I was wearing a tiara. Nope, I’m just a victim of Beep Beep’s love for you.

I told Beep Beep afterwards that I was surprised she didn’t try to shake Wendy’s hand or give her a hug. She told me that she knows better – Wendy is known for slapping fans away when they try to hug her or touch her microphone. Watch the video below for illustration.

Congratulations Beep Beep, that’s one off your bucket list. Next – to Café China – a one star Michelin restaurant. Whoot whoot!

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Wine Bar Kensington – Baller Wine List

I’ve been to Wine Bar Kensington multiple of times – for my own stag, girls’ night, Sunday half price wine night, and impromptu meetings.  It’s a beloved bar for locals, particularly those who live in the hood. Which is why I’m surprised to see this is my first post for Wine Bar.


On Monday, Wine Bar celebrated its 10th anniversary with DJ Jon Yumol, magnum wines and a half price baller wine list. I thought that was funny because a true baller can afford to pay full price, so by buying a half price bottle, I’m just a wanna be baller.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 8.25.39 PM.png

That’s okay with me, because I’m perfectly secure in knowing I’m a small potato.  For this post, let’s listen to Puff Daddy, “It’s all about the benjamins”. Oh god, I can’t believe how bad the lyrics are:

Now, what y’all wanna do?
Wanna be ballers, shot callers, brawlers
Who be dippin’ in the Benz with the spoilers
On the low from the Jake in the Taurus
Tryin’ to get my hands on some Grants like Horace
Yeah, livin’ the raw deal
Three course meals: spaghetti, fettuccine, and veal
But still, everything’s real in the field

I would argue that spaghetti, fettuccine, and veal are not a three-course meal. A three-course meal consists of three parts served one after the other. What Puff Daddy is rapping about is having three mains as one meal.

Our server Tess offered excellent recommendations. Outside of Bar Von Der Fels, she’s the only other person in Calgary that can nail down what type of wine I like. I learned from Bar von der Fels that I like full-bodied wines. That’s what I told Tess I liked.

wine 1.jpg

The first and my favourite baller wine of night was Ehret Cabernet Sauvignon ($110, half price $55). Smooth, gentle weight on the tongue, and just enjoyable wine to sip away. Excellent.


L did all the food ordering because I had a stomach ache and I wasn’t planning on eating. Of course he ordered the Meat + Cheese platter – the chef’s selection of five ($42). I tried the 12-month aged prosciutto and the flavour was fantastic. I couldn’t taste the white, fatty part of the meat like I do some prosciutto.

second wine.jpg

The second wine we tried was Farina – Amarone della Valpolicella ($105, half price $52.50) This was L’s favourite wine. Tessa said it if we liked the first wine, we would enjoy this one even though it was different. Lighter than first bottle, silky and I thought it had a nice balance of acidity.


The Spinach, Goats Feta and Beet Salad ($17) was well-seasoned. The dressing was sweet and tart. I really liked the addition of the olives and nuts.


I ate most of the Coconut Curried Lentil Dip ($16.75) because L and Bottlenick thought it was too spicy. I can handle my spice so I loved this dish. The flatbread was warm and crisp but still soft inside. Scrumptious.

brussel sprouts.jpg

The brussel sprouts was a standout dish. I was getting quite tipsy at this point and I stopped taking notes. I just know that anything that taste that good isn’t healthy for you. Best sprouts in the city. I was really impressed with the food.

last bottle.jpg

I spotted my old neighbour – I’ll call him Wine Wizard. It turns out Bottlenick went to one of Wine Wizard’s events. At this event, Bottlenick picked up three bottles of Il Rosso Degugnano Dei Barbi and gave me a bottle to try. I should have known that Bottlenick bought this from Wine Wizard. The Wine Wizard is super serious with his wines. He even wears a special pair of glasses to better analyze his bottles. I tried on his glasses that night and it did enhance my ability to think more deeply about what I was drinking.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 9.27.30 PM.png

I asked Wine Wizard what he would drink. He pointed at what he was drinking that night – a $200 dollar bottle. The small potato in me came out and I balked at him. He then pointed to another bottle – Sor Ugo Superiore Cab Sauv/Merlot/Franc ($110, half price $55). That’s better.

three wines.jpg

I had to put my thinking cap on because Wine Wizard took back his glasses. I liked his pick but I couldn’t describe what I was tasting. I think it was beyond my vocabulary.

I had a lot of fun at Wine Bar’s anniversary party. It was a treat to try some truly delicious wines at a price that’s more akin to my lifestyle. Thanks for the enjoyable company L, Bottlenick and Wine Wizard.

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Bar Von Der Fels – It’s all relative

My sister-in-law The Enforcer flew to Calgary for training. I took her out to a restaurant that I thought she would enjoy – Bar Von der Fels. In honour of The Enforcer, I’m going to play the theme song Cops.

I tried a few wines and found a new love – Las Tres Filas – a Spanish red ($12). I thought it was juicy, silky and full-bodied. I also tried a glass of sparkling Italian rosé – Rosa Bella G.D. Vajra ($16). I found this rosé tart.

Las Tres Filas is more to my taste and one that I’ll hunt down. I told our server that whenever I try to find a wine from their restaurant at my liquor store, I’m always told that particular wine is only sold to exclusive businesses. He responded that I’ll have to frequent Bar Von der Fels for my wine fix.

I did something I rarely do. I let The Enforcer pick all the dishes. I wanted to make sure she was able to try everything that tickled her fancy.

Enforcer’s favourite dish of the night was the smoked mussels with pickled peppers ($9). She thought the mussels were better than she gets back home in BC, which she finds too salty. These mussels were plump. I enjoyed drinking the warm, sweet liquid and chewing on the gently poached meat. I’d order this again.

The beef tongue with Asian pear ($9) was a delicate and clean tasting dish. Enforcer mentioned beef tongue is a popular dish in Sweden.

On my favourite dishes was the golden beets with concord grapes and goat feta ($12). I don’t normally like beets because of the damp flavor and I find the texture unpleasantly wet. Bar von del Fels version was tender and light. I enjoyed the sprinkling of salt, the sharpness of the goat feta and the light dressing of olive oil.

The endives with sour beer plum and fresh cheese ($14) also wowed me. The endive was a touch bitter, which contrasted with the fresh cheese with sour beer plum. This combination reminded me of whipped cream and strawberries. The Enforcer wondered how the chef came up with the ingredients. This dish was unique, a generous portion and decadent. I’d order this again.

The last savoury dish we tried was the Fogo Island crab red with romaine speck ($21). We didn’t know what speck was so The Enforcer looked it up. Speck means smoked aged ham. The dressing was crunchy and salty, reminding me a bit of a Caesar salad. There was a good amount of sweet crab meat. We thought the salad was overdressed and the crab itself was so juicy, the whole dish tasted a tad waterlogged.

The Enforcer ordered the Sugar Pumpkin cheesecake ($9). She only took a bite and declared she was too full. She told me that she rarely eats like we did that night. She eats for subsistence, not taste. If that is what it takes to be skinny, I want nothing to do with it. L and I were suppose to take her out to Cassis Bistro the next night, but all that wine and food made her too woozy. What a lightweight. No, really she is. The Enforcer had a boxing scholarship throughout university.

I’ve been to Bar Von der Fels three times now. Yes, I’m most definitely a fan. Hitting the Sauce gives this wine bar two fat thumbs up. The wine is different and the food is delightful. Remember to make reservations, as this place is regularly packed to capacity.

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Bar Von Der Fels

Jaime and I made plans for dinner on Monday night. I’ve been meaning to go to Donna Mac ever since Soup and Ottawa recommended it. Jaime also hasn’t been to Donna Mac. We looked up the menu and saw some dishes that appealed to us, like the porcini and gouda crullers, fried cauliflower, and fried oysters.


I’ve been on an anti-house wine campaign. I asked Jaime if we could duck into Bar Von Der Fels for a glass of wine before our dinner. For this post let’s listen to a song I heard playing that night – Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder.

We sat by the window. There was a man who secured his yellow bike right in front of us. During our meal, I saw two people come up and try unsuccessfully to steal his two-wheeler, and two other less sketchy people walked up to admire it. I’m not so sure what was so special about this vehicle to garner so much attention.

What I like about this wine bar is the large selection of wines by the glass. You have to ask for recommendations, as there is no list for wines by the glass, as Bar Von Der Fels offers a rotation of bottles.

first wine

Our server asked me if I liked full-bodied red wines. I responded in the affirmative. I tasted two wines. The first was Les Essais – Chateau Michel de Montaigne and second bottle was a Syrah, Bench775, Okanagan Valley. We both picked a glass of the Les Essais ($16). Wow! That finish pulled me in. I could smell this wine all night – if the word gorgeous had a scent, it would be Chateau Michel de Montaigne. I tried to order a case of Chateau Michel de Montaigne at my liquor store. Apparently, it’s a bit exclusive so I’m not sure I’ll be able to get a case. I order by the case because I can get a better price.


Jaime ordered Hickory Smoked Olives ($6.5). She’s really into olives. I liked the smokiness but I couldn’t eat too many of the olives because the flavour was quite strong. Jaime liked the olives so much she wanted to buy some to take back home.


About this time, I realized I didn’t want to leave Bar Von Der Fels. Still traumatized by my experience at Bank and Baron and Kaya in Kyoto, I wanted to stay and enjoy more wine. I asked Jaime if we could cancelled our dinner reservations at Donna Mac and eat here instead. Jaime, being the agreeable, easy-going friend that she is, complied. She ordered Fermented Potato Bread ($8.00).

potato bread

The potato bread is steamed to order and individually made for each customer. The bread was hot and soft, scrumptious like a crumpet. I smeared a generous amount of the butter on it. The butter tasted like clotted cream. We asked what was in the butter that made it taste that good. Bar Von Der Fels uses ramps.


I ordered the Chinatown Baked Oyster ($12). The large oyster tasted like the ocean. The oyster was so ridiculously fresh, I couldn’t believe I could get this in Calgary. The creamy sauce was spicy and it reminded me of shrimp and black bean chili oil I order from an acquaintance’s mother.

yum oyster.jpg

Jaime mentioned the oyster looked so rich, it wouldn’t be possible to eat a second one. My dear friend, you don’t know my stomach at all. I could have easily feasted on six of these oysters.

last wine

I ordered a second glass of wine – Domaine de la Charboniere – Vacqucyras ($16). I recognized this bottle as L bought it for me a few months ago. Smooth and full of berry notes. Goddamn, this glass of wine was something. I got tingles all over.


Jaime ordered the Spring Pea Falafel ($16). This was another winner. The falafel balls were large, crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I could taste cumin. The pea tips tasted like they were just plucked from a garden. The hummus was luxuriously smooth and gave a needed creaminess to round out the drier texture of the chickpeas.

Instead of ordering another oyster (because I didn’t want to be judged by Jaime) I opted for the Stuffed Chicken Wings with yuzukosho aioli ($16.00). The wings were meaty, stuffed with cheese. I thought I could taste a little charcoal in the meat. I want to bring L here to try these wings, as they reminded me of the yakitori we ate in Japan.


The concept of this bar is delightful. I like trying new wines and not settling for a glass that I don’t particularly enjoy. I love Bar Von Der Fels so much it makes it on Hitting the Sauce’s list of favourite restaurants in Calgary.

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Bar Von der Fels

During my appointment at Hedkandi, my stylist Mai raved about Bar Von der Fels. She described the bar as tiny and intimate. Mai told me she tried several glasses of wine and thought each were different and delicious. I’ve never heard her so complimentary about a place before, so I knew I had to check it out. For this post, let’s listen to something I would listen to at home while drinking wine.

At 7:00 pm on a Friday night, the bar was already packed. Gillian Jiggs and Blondie joined me at the bar. The bartender was friendly and encouraged me to try sample the wines before selecting a glass. I liked that he wanted to ensure I enjoyed what I was drinking. That alone was worth a repeat visit. I started off with a sparking rosé from the Okanogan. The chilled bubbly was just what I needed, as the bar was warm from the heat of the temperature outside.

Blondie ordered Pickled Brined Fries ($10) with really good cider vinegar. Brined for three days, the fries were golden brown and crispy. The side of aioli was decadence on top of gluttony. If you’re a fry connoisseur, I would try Bar Von Der Fels version.

Gillian Jiggs found a killer wine that made for ideal summer time quaffing. A Spanish wine that was light like a Pinot but juicy. I enjoyed a glass as well as a heavier, mellow spicy wine. I noticed our bartender would periodically turn the wine bottles around in the cooler. I found out he did this so the wine would reach an optimal temperature. Each glass of wine ranged from $13-$16.00.

If you want try something different for date night, check this place out! To avoid disappointment, make reservations. Hitting the Sauce gives Bar Von Der Fels two fat thumbs up.

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