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Blanco Cantina – Big Taste

I picked another Mexican restaurant for L to try. I read posts on Zomato that Blanco Cantina makes a bad ass burrito and a wicked cocktail. Plus, this cantina is super close to our house, so coming here was a no brainer for Big Taste week.

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Blanco Cantina has this American rock and roll vibe. The restaurant has a big bar section, and throughout the night, the turnover was constant. Add in the fact you can make reservations on Opentable, this is a place you can easily drop in for a drink and appies or stay for a longer dinner.

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For drinks, L ordered Pacifico ($7) while I tried a speciality cocktail, the Watermelon Margarita on the rocks ($16.50), made with 3 ounces of tequila, triple sec, agave nectar, and fresh watermelon. I normally avoid cocktails as I suspect a lot of bars water down their drinks. The cocktail had a nice blend of tartness and an undertone of sweetness from the watermelon.

I had an interesting conversation with L during dinner. He said, “You know that pseudonym you use for Office Daddy, don’t you think its  kinda sexual?” I said no, I didn’t think it was at all. Chi sin (crazy)!  L said that unless you are under five, no one uses the word daddy, and if you do, it has a sexual connotation. Well, this was news to me and I’m no ham sup (pervert). This is a PG rated blog! I asked L why he took so long to tell me. Apparently, he gets around to reading my blog once in a blue moon. For the record, I’m not ham sup so I’m going to rename my buddy Office Dad.

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For Big Taste, diners can pick from Chili Con Queso or Guacamole, any taco on the menu and Tres Leches or Crispy Banana for $25.00. While the special looked good, L and I preferred to order what we wanted: Pescado Tacos ($14), Small Chicken Burrito ($15 +$3 for cheese), Medium Picante Hot Wings (half order) with creamy jalapeño sauce ($9) and a side order of fries ($5).

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The hot wings I ordered weren’t spicy or hot even though I ordered medium hot. The spice is blended in the dry coating, and you can pour hot sauce from the condiment tray. I preferred this method, as the wings remained crispy and the Mexican hot sauce you put on yourself is awesome.

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The basa in the tacos was tasty stuff, particularly the breading on the fish which remained crunchy throughout our meal. I still like Mikey’s fish tacos more for value and flavour.

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The chicken burrito was messy in a good way. Stuffed with soft chicken meat, sour cream, tomatoes, poblano, refritos, rice and red onions, everything tasted fresh. I liked the the burrito was neat and clean tasting, despite the number of sauces in and on it. The guacamole is solid, thick and chunky and definately worth ordering. The rice tasted like there was lime in it, but the rice itself didn’t taste like it was the best quality.

The fries were really good and well-priced at $5.00 for a side dish. Fresh and hot, crispy and perfectly salted. Reminded me of New York fries, with the little bits of potato skin still left on.

Next time when we return, because there will be a next time, I think L and I will share a one pound burrito and try some of the speciality main dishes. I alway hope to get Leng Lui and Playboy out for happy hour. I have my eye on Zacapa 23, my favourite rum and a few other tequilas.

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