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Ship and Anchor

On Saturday, Zeta-Jones celebrated her 40th birthday party at the Ship and Anchor. I know Zeta-Jones through her partner Fougui, whom I’ve been friends with for eight years. For this post, let’s listen to “Baby, Baby” by Amy Grant.

Fougui ordered two massive platters of nachos ($22, + $3 guacamole) for the table to share. Damn – this was a good plate of nachos! Each chip was fresh, light and thin. One of my pet peeves is stale nachos. I liked how there was an even distribution of cheese, diced tomatoes, pickled jalapeños and green onions throughout the platter.

With the exception of Zeta-Jones and Fougui, I didn’t know anyone else at the table. But, lucky for me, Claudia befriended me, and throughout the night, she took the time to translate the group’s conversation. I noticed Claudia was drinking red wine (La Bite Merlot, $9), so I asked if she liked the wine. She said there was only one wine by the glass, but it was good, especially for the price. Claudia and I got along so well that night that I invited her to be a No Man’s Dinner member, and she asked me to attend her birthday party next week. We also have plans to try the charred liver at Yemini Village.

Claudia ordered the Two-Piece Fish ($15) with Yam Fries (+$3). She said wasn’t expecting much, so she was pleasantly surprised by the fish and chips. She noted the velvety texture of the fillet reminded her of the fresh fish in Mexico City. She liked that fries and fish were crispy because she thinks there’s nothing worse than soggy fish. She mentioned she ordered two pieces of fish because she expected the portion to be small. Instead, she said the fish was plump and large and could only eat one piece. I thought it was interesting the batter was so pale, but perhaps that’s just because of the lighting.

Her friend Daphne said she enjoyed her fish but found the regular fries too dry. Claudia didn’t like the tartar sauce, but Daphne enjoyed it so much, she ate her friend’s portion. Daphne noted that she could taste the vinegar in the tartar sauce, which she said paired well with the fish.

I wasn’t hungry yet, but that didn’t stop me from rudely staring across the table at the plate of Chicken Wings ($15) and Humboldt Calamari ($9). When I come back, I would order both the wings and calamari.

Though I didn’t eat, with Claudia’s riveting descriptions, I felt like I did. This experience renewed my interest in the Ship and Anchor. I’ll have to bring L for a date night so I can try some of the deep-fried delights. I also hear the lamb shank is particularly good. To be continued.

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Pazzer’s Saskatchewan Pub

My sister-in-law Veggie Girl turned 31! L and I joined her and the rest of my in-laws at Pazzer’s in Montgomery. Both Veggie Girl and my in-laws are from the Prairies, so it seemed fitting we dine at Pazzer’s, a bar outfitted in Saskatchewan memorabilia. Let’s listen to Tegan and Sara as the twins are from Calgary.  For a Vancouverite, that’s a good enough connection to Saskatchewan.

If you aren’t observant or from good old Saskatchewan, you wouldn’t even notice the Prairie references. The bar is small, basic and tidy. I’ve only been to Regina for a weekend, but I know from my in-laws that anyone from Saskatchewan is inherently a good person. Whenever I compliment Veggie Girl to my mother-in-law, she explains, “Well, you know, she’s from Saskatchewan.”

For the table, we shared a dozen of the Pazzer’s Perogies ($12.00). The homemade, hand pinched potato and cheddar were some of the best perogies I’ve consumed. There was loads of creamy filling, the dough was light and toothsome. The onions were perfectly sautéed, sweet and slightly smoky. I would order this again.

Veggie Girl ordered the Nachos for You ($12.00). The corn tortillas were layered with black olives, jalapeños, green onions, tomatoes and shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese. The nachos were tasty, but not in the same league as the perogies or wings.

Bobbino ordered Weyburn Wings ($10) in honey garlic sauce and salt and pepper seasoning. I was impressed – the wings were meaty, hot, crunchy and served with carrots and dip. The meat was white and not discoloured. Best price in Calgary – I don’t know any pub that sells a quality basket of wings for only ten bucks.

L ordered the Battleford Brisket ($13.00). The whiskey braised brisket looked skimpy compared to the bun ratio. But when I took a bite, I realized it was plenty, as the carmelized onions, Swiss cheese and horseradish added a lot of saucy flavor to the sandwich.

Bobbino’s Steak Sandwich ($11.00) looked pretty average to me. However, the steak was Alberta beef sirloin and for the price, it can’t be beat. Uncle Ben ordered the Clubhouse ($11.00). The sandwich looked pretty good to me, piled high with ingredients.

G-Mah ordered the Perogies, Cabbage Rolls, Kolbasa ($15.00). I didn’t try a bite but it was so good she cleaned her plate. The grilled sausage was split into two, it looked tantalizing with the grill marks.

I would like to make Pazzer’s a regular spot for wings and perogies. The fish and chips are next on my hit list. Hitting the Sauce gives this Saskatchewan Pub two fat thumbs up.

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