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Chambar – Brunch

If I could take restaurant back to Calgary, it would be Chambar. Brunch here is divine. The food was delicious and different from the usual breakfast joints I frequent in Cowtown. This ain’t no greasy spoon.

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I could talk about the excellent service we received at the bar, the delightful cocktails, or the bright, open space. However, what really wowed me were the flavours of the dishes.

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My friend Naomi always orders the same thing at Chambar – the vegetarian version of the Paella ($15.00). After seeing and smelling her dish, I wish I ordered it too. A pilaf of curried orzo is heaped with zucchini, red peppers and corn, then topped with arugula, cilantro, avocado, a tomato salad and a fried egg. I liked the bright colours and the strong use of spices in this dish.

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My Tajine ($16.00) was bursting with different flavour and fresh herbs. The spice from themerguez sausage and heat from the saffron tomato stew warmed me right up. Also in my dish were fried chickpeas and two poached eggs.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 8.31.01 PM


If you want something other than eggs benny or pancakes for brunch, head over to Chambar. I would rank Chambar as one of my favourite places for lunch in Vancouver. The prices are very reasonable and the food is delicious.

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OEB – Best breakfast in town

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Yahoo! I found out that you can download an app, NoWait, and skip the line-up at OEB. However, our seats were given away because we had difficulty timing how long the line would move and arrived too late. The host told us we were next on the list, and so we were.

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My co-workers and I scored a spacious booth. Our server was efficient and pleasant, offering suggestions and answering questions to my friends, who were newbies. We ordered a round of coffee and tea. My coffee was rich and delicious and refilled throughout our meal.

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My friends were impressed with the food. Crazy Girl ordered Crab Eggs Benny while Buzzy ordered the Banana Stuffed French Toast. I tried a bite of both dishes. The crab was fluffy and didn’t have that fake taste you get in California rolls. The French toast was fluffy and the sauce was delectable.

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I was torn between the duck confit ($16.99), Hogs and Scallops or the Gold Digga ($16.99) Soul in the Bowl. Based on our server’s recommendation, I ordered the Hogs and Scallops ($17.99), half with duck fried potato wedges and half of the fresh, organic spinach. I was impressed that they left me do the half of each option.

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The scallops were seared beautifully on the outside. Sweet and silky smooth, the scallops were the highlight of the dish. I ordered the medium poached eggs, and it came as requested. The bright orange yolks were just soft enough to blend in with the rich browned butter hollandaise sauce. The little bits of bacon added a pop of smoky saltines.

Now that OEB has the NoWait app, I’ll be here more often. Breakfast food is elevated at OEB. All the ingredients are local and sing with freshness and flavour. Forget every other breakfast place in the city, get your ass here. OEB makes it on Hitting the Sauce’s list of favourite places to eat in Calgary.

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Cafe Medina

AY insisted she was taking L and I out for brunch. She told me to pick whichever restaurant I wanted, but recommended Cafe Medina. Cafe Medina it was! My sister use to take me here for brunch, back in the day we both lived in the same city. Once we arrived, waited about 25 minutes for our table (no reservations).

While we waited in the sitting area, L and I noticed how loud the music was playing. I felt like a premature granny, wincing at the noise. The grumpy old man next to me concurred – Cafe Medina likes to rock out.

We ordered rounds of coffee ($2.75) and decided to share a few dishes: Les Boulettes ($17), Poisson Lem Marrakech ($17), Oeufs Du Jour ($15) and a Liege Waffle with a topping ($4.15). Coffee came quickly, and our server topped it up frequently.


We picked the white chocolate pistachio rosewater topping. Made fresh, the waffle was still warm. The portion of the sauce was generous for the size of the waffle. I like the simple presentation of the dish.

poached eggs

Les Boulettes translated into two poached eggs with lamb meatballs in a tomato stew with focaccia. The meatballs were very firm and didn’t have the juicy fat ratio I enjoy. However, the eggs were poached to a creamy medium and delicious with the spicy stew with roasted peppers and olives.


The Poisson Lem Marrakech included one soft poached egg with elegantly placed Marrakech cured wild salmon. The salad was out of this world. Made with sprouted wheat berries, pistachios and parsley, the salad was unique and zesty. I would order this wild salmon dish again, the flavours of the salmon and assorted greens were light and refreshing.


I was also a fan of the Oeufs Du Jour. The daily frittata showcased sausage, fresh dill, peppers, and asparagus. The omelette was fluffy and a filling portion. I like the addition of the arugula, which cut into the heaviness of the dish.

Overall, I really enjoyed the food at Cafe Medina. Despite how busy it is, servers were polite and attentive. The venue is nice as well, I adore the super high ceilings. If you want to brunch in style, check out Cafe Medina.

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