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Kim Chi House – Lunch

Kim Chi House is located in Chinatown, inside the City Plaza building. The main floor houses several restaurants, such as Han’s, Delicious Country and Gui Lin. Kim Chi House is one of three stalls in the food court. The other two stalls include a bakery and a vegetarian joint.

Don’t make the rookie mistake I made when I first ate at Kim Chi House. I ordered a rice plate. What you need to order is the stone bowl bibimbap. What a deal! For $10.00, you get a sizzling stone bowl filled with rice, vegetables and a protein of your choice. All stone bowls come with complimentary vegetable side dishes, barley tea and miso soup.

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The owner carries these red hot stone bowls to your table. Please do him a favour and get out of his way. What’s up Hamsup was his usual oblivious self and blocked the owner as he was carrying out trays of the heavy, sizzling bowls to a table.

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I enjoyed the Spicy Pork and Crispy Calamari bibimbap stone bowl. The squid was tender and the batter was crispy. The addition of the julienne carrots, daikon and sprouts cut into the spicines and oiliness of the rice and squid. I let the rice sit against the hot stone for a few minutes, which made into a crunchy layer. The portion of the pork and calamari dish was large. I ended taking about a quarter of it home.

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Office Dad ordered the chicken bibimbap stone bowl, which came topped with an sunny side up egg. The chicken is chopped up finer than Stone Bowl Korean. I like the big juicy pieces of chicken from Stone Bowl Korean, but flavour-wise, I prefer Kim Chi House.

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The food court gets busy, with the vast majority of the customers digging into a stone bowl. The husband and wife team do an admirable job churning out bowl after bowl during the lunch rush. I’ve been a few times and the quality and presentation is consistent. If you’re in the hood, I would totally recommend this cash only joint.

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Bon-Ga – Hot Pot

Office Daddy and I went out for lunch. I wanted to go somewhere new. I was thinking Kingfisher, New Tang or Auntie’s Chinese Burger. Office Daddy reminded me we haven’t checked out Bon-Ga. So off we went.

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The restaurant wasn’t that busy, so the owner Sunny let us sit in the spacious booths. Sunny spent quite a bit of time guiding us through the menu and talking about the food. We ordered the Gam-Ja Tang Hot Pot for three ($29.99), which was way too much food for the two of us.

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Sunny told us the pork broth is cooked for six hours, then seasoned with spices like garlic, onions, and red pepper. His wife and son are the chefs, while he manages the front of the restaurant.

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We received complimentary tea, rice, sides of cold potato, sprouts, kimchi and a whole lot of dishes to use for our hotpot. Sunny instructed us to break the bones apart and suck up all the good bits and soft pieces around the bones. He gave us a metal container to put the cartilage in when we finished as well as extra napkins.

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The Gam-Ja Tang comes with loads of pork still on the bone, green onions, potatoes and kimchi. The broth wasn’t spicy, as Sunny wanted to ease us into our first experience eating Korean hotpot. I really appreciated his sincere desire to ensure we enjoyed the food and that any questions we had were answered.

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The pork was super tender and easily fell of the bone. Office Daddy liked the soup so much, he drank all of it. The potatoes were soft and almost melted on your tongue. I enjoyed eating the cooked green onions and cabbage with the rice and soup.

Next time, I want to also try the fried chicken, rice bowl and seafood pancake. I saw other people ordering the fried chicken, which smelled amazing. I could see that the bento boxes were also popular options with customers.

Check it out, particularly if you aren’t well-versed in Korean cuisine. Sunny will walk you through the menu. I recommend trying the hotpot, but beware, it is messy to eat.

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