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Caesar’s Steakhouse – Lunch

I took Friday off from work to take my father-in-law out for lunch at Caesar’s Steakhouse. I choose this restaurant because he often reminisces about his old oil and gas days and the deals he use to make there. Let’s listen to “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers for this post.

We started with a Caesar ($11). Bobbino asked me if I enjoyed my cocktail. I told him that he makes a better Caesar. I thought the proportion of Clamato to vodka was off, as it needed more booze to balance the potency of the mix.

The cheese bread ($10) was soft, salty and piled high with powdered cheese. I prefer Hy’s cheese bread, which is laden with hot cheese so rich you can feel it increase your blood cholesterol. I did enjoy my cup of onion soup, which was served steaming hot. Each sip was a soul-warming experience, filled with caramelized onions and croutons saturated with rich broth.

Bobbino and I ordered a Ribeye ($47), a medium-rare for myself and a medium for him. The steaks arrived sizzling with a gorgeous, crusty, charbroiled exterior. Our server came with sour cream, green onions and bacon crumbles for our double-stuffed potato.

My favourite part of the steak was the edges encrusted with crispy fat, which I ate as slowly as possible. For Bobbino’s first few bites, he would close his eyes. I ate all the delicious fat on my steak, nibbled on the stuffed potato, and left the rest for L’s dinner. These past two weeks have been restaurant overkill, especially since I started hanging out with the sales team, so I have to cut down on my portions.

I wasn’t impressed with the two recommended red wines by the glass we tried. Perhaps they should get some advice from the owner of Cassis Bistro on selecting wines that pair well with their steak. Pro-tip, order by the bottle and not by the glass, so you’ll have more options other than drinkable and bad.

When the room filled, Bobbino observed I was the only female customer. I nodded and retorted I was also the only one without an expense account. I asked to be seated in the lounge, as I thought it would be more lively. Halfway through our meal, it got so loud I could barely hear Bobbino. The room is small, and it just takes one loud talker to instigate a room full of yelling. I gave up in the end and just began bellowing as well, and to be honest, it was fun to shout.

The company was excellent, the service was attentive, and we enjoyed our meal at Caesar’s Steakhouse. Next on my list to try is Longview Steakhouse, which I hear is stellar but challenging to snag a reservation.


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