Jelly Modern Donut & Verona Pizza

When I took my new job, no one warned me of the constant flow of treats. I’ve been trying to say no to these temptations, but it’s been a losing battle so far. For this post, let’s listen to “Half Photograph” by Kay Starr. 

 I walked in to get a glass of water and stopped dead in my tracks. Our CEO was in town, and he dropped off a massive box of doughnuts from Jelly Modern Donuts ($41.95). I opened the lid, and my eyes popped at the gorgeous array of donuts. I gently closed the cover and ran to M and N to tell them about the treats. 

I return to the kitchen an hour later to eat half a doughnut. I noticed people had already taken a knife to cut some of the treats in half. I cut the half donuts in quarters and tried the hand-filled maple, lemon curd and s’mores.

The donut itself was soft, fluffy and sweet. Each flavour and topping were distinctly different from the others. Unlike Tim Horton’s, I also noticed that Jelly Modern donuts stay fresh hours later.

The following week, our office celebrated Steve Drake Day. Steve was an undergraduate engineering student at the University of Alberta and took eight years to finish a four-year degree. He was a legend for procrastination and his penchant for Hawaiian shirts. We celebrate this day by wearing colourful shirts, playing mini golf / video games, and eating pizza to honour Steve Drake’s legacy. 

W ordered pizza from Verona Pizza. I overheard her say that Verona has great reviews. Usually, you can tell if the food is good by how busy a place is or if customers look happy. For example, Omi, Hannki, Van Express always have a massive lineup. At Sukiyaki House, you can see the gleam of zeal as customers savour their food. I’ve walked by Verona before, but it was usually before it opened or by the end of the lunch rush. 

We tried the All Meat (13-inch, $30) and Greek (13-inch, $30) pizzas. The crust was thick but light and ultra-crusty. The toppings were so generous that the vegetables in the Greek pizza would topple over. The cheese was heavy and molten-hot. I also liked how Verona broiled the top layer of meat in the All Meat pizza, making it curled up and crispy. 

We have another corporate lunch in April, and I’m excited to hear where it will be. Hitting the Sauce gives her office eats two phat thumbs up. 

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