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Waterloo Kitchen & Bar – Best Burger in #YYC

For Five Stars’ last meal in Calgary, he wanted either eggs benedict or a burger. I checked around and all the hot spots, such as Maven and OEB, had a waitlist of 90-120 minutes. I suggested we go to Waterloo Pub, as I heard their burgers are top-notch. For this post, let’s listen to “Carry On Wayward Son” by Kansas.

I wanted to walk to the pub, but Five Stars doesn’t like to exert any more energy than is absolutely necessary, so L drove us. L complained he was all gluttoned out so he didn’t come inside to eat with us.

Five Stars and I were the only ones in the restaurant when we walked around noon. However, within 10 minutes, another couple pulled up at the bar, and then a large group slowly trickled in. The men wore colourful clothes, like shiny red vests and metallic blue ties. I asked our server if it was a wedding because their clothes were so flashy. She replied it was a regular church group that comes every Sunday.

I ordered the Marda Loop Brewing Big Juice ($9, HH $6) and a coke for Five Stars ($3.95). For food, we shared the Bacon Cheddar Burger ($21) with a Caesar Salad, Duck Confit Eggs Benny ($17) and Side Fries ($6).

Hands down, Waterloo Pub makes one of the best burgers in the city. The patty was warm and juicy pink, soft and yielding against the crispness of the bacon. The best part of the burger was the flavour of the ground brisket and chuck. The meat was mouthwatering, and unlike some other pubs, the patty tasted like good quality beef and not a meat puck. I liked how the cheddar cheese was soft and melty, while the tomato and pickle were chilled and crunchy. The fresh butter lettuce was the crowning touch. I told Five Stars that Waterloo makes a better burger than Gordon Ramsey’s pub in Vegas. Never ever have I enjoyed such a burger.

The romaine in the salad was cold and crisp, slippery with a garlicky dressing, punctuated with real crumbled bacon and shaved parmesan. This is one of the better caesar salads I’ve had in a while. Our side of fries was blazing hot and perfectly salted. Of course, I had to make this meal more fattening by adding a side of mayonnaise.

Five Stars and I were impressed with the generous amount of confit duck in the eggs benny. The yolk in the poached eggs was bright orange. Five Stars wished more of that house-made hollandaise, as that’s his favourite part. We ignored the side of the fruit and left it to dry out. I reminded Five Stars how our older brother used to nickname me Scurvy because I didn’t eat vegetables or fruit as a child.

As this is my third time eating at Waterloo Pub, I can say with some authority that whoever is cooking back there truly cares about how their food tastes. Hitting the Sauce is so impressed that she’s putting this underrated pub on her list of favourite restaurants in Calgary.

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