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Erina Bakery

I discovered a new gem in my neighbourhood. Erina is a Balkan bakery specializing in eastern European treats, such as Burek ($6), Albanian Bread ($4.50), and my absolute favourite – Pitalka ($1.50). For this post, let’s listen to “Other Side of Town” by Sam Doores and Alynda Segarra.

Burek is a baked phyllo pastry with either spinach, potato, meat or cheese. I’ve tried the meat and cheese version. Of the two, I prefer the latter, as it reminds me of a grilled cheese sandwich. The thin tissues of the dough are chewy, while the crisp nut-brown exterior crackles when you bite into the pastry. L mentioned the cheese burek evoked memories of the breakfast pastries we ate in Greece. I prefer the end pieces because I enjoy the delightfully fragile crunchiness.

The size of a small plate, one single pitalka is large enough for two large sandwiches or four mini snacks. I love the sensation of cutting into the bread and seeing the voluminous air bubbles inside. The texture is soft yet chewy, as there’s a resistance when you try to tear a piece off. The smell reminds me of pizza crust baked in an authentic Italian fire oven. Bread like this is a wondrous miracle.

To date, I’ve tried Erina’s sourdough, baguette and Albanian bread. Of the three, I prefer the Albanian loaf, as the tissue is soft yet toothsome. The sourdough and baguette are good, but I like bread with a supple and yielding texture. On my next visit, I plan to try the potato bread.

Erina also sells desserts, ćevapi (minced sausage), bread sticks, cheese bread, and Nutella buns. You can buy the burek and ćevapi frozen to bake at home. Check them out, and you won’t be disappointed. Hitting the Sauce gives Erina two phat thumbs up.

4 thoughts on “Erina Bakery

  1. I have been subscribed to your posts for a number of years now and enjoy your write ups on different restaurants .
    Erica Bakery is a bakery that I have been going to for a while as I live in Shaganappi so when there at the bakery to get my fix of Burek and some bread today I asked if they had seen your review.
    They hadn’t and they were so happy about it.
    It made their day…..week……month 😊

    On another note.
    Have you tried Pho Pham restaurant in Westhills?

    My wife and son and friends were very sad that Lam closed down Pure Restaurant and Bar.
    It was quite a loss but there is always First Street Market with his booth there.

    Thank you for your blogs, I really enjoy them.


    1. Thanks for your comment and feedback, it made my day…week…month! I haven’t been to Pho Pham yet, as I heard mixed things. Have you been there? So far, Pho 99 has been my go-to, though it’s not close to where I live.

      1. We all like Pho Pham, I still can’t get past Peanut Beef Sate Pho, same for our son and my wife can’t seem to get past the Meatball Pho. You probably are thinking that we need to branch out and you are right 😊
        We have been looking around for a while for a decent neighbourhood Vietnamese restaurant since Pho Huong Viet started cutting back on their product and then getting shut down by the health department.

  2. Yes, we stopped going to Pho Huang Viet when the food started to decrease in quality. I find we have to commute a bit to find good Vietnamese, as there aren’t many options in the SW. The best is probably Pure Street (First Street Market), as it’s owned by Lam Pham (owner and chef from Pure Vietnamese).

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