17th Ave · Mediteranean

Kreta Souvlaki and Pizza

On Monday evening, L suggested we pick something up for dinner. He requested we try Kreta Souvlaki, a Greek eatery located inside a gas station. I agreed as I recalled my friend Québécois informed me the moussaka at Kreta is particularly good. To get into the Christmas spirit, let’s listen to “Baby It’s Cold Outside” by Dean Martin.

I called ahead and ordered Moussaka ($15.99) and a Chicken Wrap with Fries ($12.99). The employee on the phone told me the order would be ready in 15 minutes. As per usual, L and I were exactly on time.

You pay at the front counter and then meander over to the far right of the store to pick up your order. Based on what I saw, Kreta looks like a friendly, family-owned operation.

My moussaka was pretty darn tasty! I enjoyed the soft layers of eggplant and the creamy pureed potatoes. The potatoes had a custard-like consistency – smooth and rich.

I took a bite of L’s chicken wrap. The pita was soft and pillowy. I found the chicken juicy and lightly seasoned. The fries were thick-cut and reminded me of Red Robin’s. The fries were lukewarm and, as a result, not as crispy as I would have liked. The tzatziki sauce is fantastic – garlicky with a nice bite to it. L said he enjoyed the gyro a little more than the chicken wrap.

I’d come back for the chicken wrap and fries. I’m curious to see if the pizza and calamari are any good. If you’re in the hood and looking for something unique, check out Kreta.

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