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Kyoto – Random Izakaya

L was on his anti-Yelp mood so I decided to kick it back old school. We wandered around until we found a busy izakaya packed with locals. For this post, let’s listen to something that harkens back to an era when tourists used physical maps and pay phones. L, this one is for you – Grandpa, tell me about the good old days by The Judds.

I’d be able to find this restaurant again. The exterior was yellow and the restaurant itself was quite small. This restaurant was about a 10 minute walk from our hotel, Sakura Inn.


When our server found out that we didn’t speak Japanese, she brought over an English menu. We sat down and ordered a bowl of chirashi (800 Yen), potato salad (500 Yen), ahi tuna (700 Yen) and a potato croquettes (300 Yen). The best of the bunch was the chirashi. We should have ordered what we saw everyone eating – sashimi and a heaping plate of karrage.


The fish was very fresh. One piece of fish still had the silvery skin on, which is a bit of a turn off for me. It was actually one of the best pieces. The rich egg yolk made the rice creamy and mellow. I would order this again.

potato salad

The potato salad was below average. This has to be one of the worst versions I’ve ever tried. Bland, no texture, no flavor. If I served this up at home, I’d be embarrassed. But that would never happen, because I make a killer potato salad.


The ahi tuna was battered. I enjoyed the wasabi relish but I wouldn’t order this dish again. It just wasn’t as good as the chirashi or the potato croquettes. Too much batter for the amount of fish.


The croquettes were very tasty. The interior was soft and creamy and filled with chunks of vegetables. For the price, worth it. I’d return for the chirashi, sashimi and to try the karrage.

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