DavidsTea – Stephen Ave

Lately, I’ve been on a DavidsTea kick. I’ve been rotating between Live Wire Lemon, Organic Mother’s Little Helper, Organic Cold 911 and The Buzz. I find the staff at the Stephen Ave location friendly.  I struck up a conversation with the manager who mentioned DavidsTea hosts complimentary tastings in the downtown core. Say no more. I’m there. For this post, let’s listen to David Bowie and Queen Under Pressure.

Tobias and Evan brought a trolley full of cups, lids, teas, tea paraphernalia and large carafes of hot water to our lunch room. The carafe of 75 degrees Celsius water was for green and white teas and 95 degrees Celsius for black teas. We were informed that for green tea, anything hotter than 75 would burn green and white tea leaves.


I have to give extra points for Tobias and Evan’s kick ass personalities. May I say that you two make a big difference in Calgary, one tea at a time?

tea people.jpg

We mulled over the selection of teas, read the labels, sniffed the cannisters and peppered our tea-ristas with questions. When we finally picked our poison, we grabbed a cup and told to pick a level scoop of tea leaves.


We popped the leaves into a bag and tightened the bag so the tea wouldn’t spill out. I found out that my coworkers had their own quirky way of tying a teabag. For example, Rascal likes to rip the label off. I had another colleague tell me a convoluted process of tying a teabag. I didn’t want to look like a moron so I just nodded like I understood.


Our selection of teas included: Organic Cream of Earl Grey, Organic Cinnamon Rooibos Chai, Vanilla Orchid, Jasmine Cream Brûlée, Buddha’s Blend, Magic Potion, Live Wire Lemon and one more that I forgot to document. The majority of teas were unique and very fragrant.

Live Wire

The fan favourite was Live Lemon, a natural tasting refreshing tea with a lemony zing to it. This is an ideal tea for me to wake up my tastebuds to in the morning.


The Buddha’s Blend would be a nice relaxing tea to sip in the afternoon. A mix of white and green tea, this is a subtle tasting tea with a hint of sweet hibiscus blossoms.

Magic Potion

Magic Potion was the most in your face tea I tried. We were informed if we put a squeeze of lemon, the colour would change from indigo to violet. I found this tea tart and sweet.


The special ingredient in this tea is butterfly pea flower, which turns the tea blue. Don’t let this one steep too long, otherwise the taste is quite potent.


We appreciate DavidsTea for making our Monday afternoon. Muni-sip-ality work is tough, but your tea put a spring in our steep.  Thank you for tea-ching us how to make a brew-tea-ful cup of tea. If you work in an office downtown, call DavidsTea and see if your own private par-tea is a possibili-tea. Tea-hee.

picture tea gift

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