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Richmond – Fuggles and Warlock

L and I landed back in my hometown. Before we met up with my parents, I thought it would be a good idea to visit Fuggles and Warlock. I was first introduced to Fuggles and Warlock’s delicious strawberry Wit  at our friend’s craft beer store in Calgary –  Domestic Bottle Shop.


For this post, let’s listen to what you would likely hear at Fuggles and Warlock – Rise Against by Satellite.

We ordered two flights so we could try every beer on tap. We should have ordered one flight at a time because by the time we made our way to the second flight, the bubbles had fizzed.

all beers.jpg

My all time favourite beer of the bunch is the Strawberry Wit. The strawberry taste doesn’t taste fake. It’s a light, fresh beer.

Cassis Sour

The Cassis Sour is aptly named. This beer reminded me of a hard candy I would eat as a kid – like a Jolly Rancher.


The Mango beer reminded me of bananas. If you were born before 1990, you might remember having or knowing someone with a sticker collection. Ah, those were the days. We were so simple. This beer tasted a bit like how a banana sticker smells.


I liked the Pixel Pils. I found this beer floral, mellow and easy to drink.


We took a little break to eat something. I heard Fuggles and Warlock sold bento boxes but apparently that was a long time ago. Instead, charcuterie, pepperoni sticks, sandwiches,  cheeses, hot pies and samosas are offered. I wasn’t expecting much, as most breweries in Alberta don’t give food a second thought.


I pleasantly surprised to learn the food here is very tasty. Our Steak and Onion Pie ($7) with Espresso Milk Stout arrived hot out of the oven. The pie was filled with chunks of tender steak. The gravy was rich and heavy. The crust, bottom, top and sides were thin and crunchy. I would order this again.


We also ordered three samosas. If we were to go by the menu’s description as fact, “From Golden Samosa Bakery in Surrey, the samosas everyone’s talking about”, these samosas are the talk of town. Both the chicken and the beef used ground meat and spices. The potato version was hearty and lightly spiced. My favourite samosas in Calgary are from Nooren – these pockets of heaven should be featured in Avenue Magazine. The vegetarian samosas in particular deserve a special shout out, packed with fresh spices, vegetables and vibrant flavours. Oh well – no one ever listens to me so it probably won’t be featured anytime soon.


On to the next set of beers. The Personas was the most hoppy and bitter beers we tried.


I found the Destiny IPA more gentle with a mild hoppy’ness.

Destiny copy.jpg

The Valis was very good, I liked the creamy texture.


The last one – Bean Me Up- was rich and smooth. This coffee porter would be a great one to sip at the end of a meal on a cold winter’s night.

Bean me Up.jpg

Fuggles and Warlock was busy throughout our visit with regulars. I saw lots of locals come by to fill up their growler with the Bean Me Up stout. I thought this brewery was a fun spot to try something different.

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