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New Tang Dynasty Restaurant

New Tang Dynasty is one of my favourite spots for lunch in Chinatown. The flavours are fierce and spicy. The portions are generous, particularly the lamb dishes. For this post let’s listen to “Hurt” by Johnny Cash. My father loves Johnny Cash plus I did hurt myself at New Tang.

We started off with a big bowl of lamb noodle soup, without cilantro. The handmade noodles were chewy, just how I like it. The tofu strips were firm. I enjoyed the addition of wood ear mushrooms. The pieces of lamb were plentiful and soft. The lamb here is halal. The broth was light. lamb soup.jpg

Office Dad ordered this amazing pot of vegetables in hot chili oil. We ate skewer after skewer of root vegetables, quail eggs, mushrooms, tofu, bean curd and other numerous exotic goodies. We used the noodles from our soup to sop up all the spices.


Beware – this is hot stuff. A peppercorn or some spice got caught in my throat and I couldn’t breathe. I wheezed and gasped for air for what seemed like an eternity. My eyes watered and it was so bad at one point I wondered if I would survive. Office Dad kept eating and with his hand, motion me to be quiet. I was pissed. When I could talk again he said he could see the panic in my eyes and that was why he remained calm, so I too would relax. I don’t know if I agree with his logic but he treated me to lunch so I can’t stay mad for long.

Hitting the Sauce gives New Tang Dynasty two fat thumbs up. Heads up – this place can get busy at lunch. I recommend heading here before 12:00 pm to get a table.

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