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Lotus Vietnamese

I’m on a pho rampage. My friend Todd told me he eats at Lotus Vietnamese once a week. It’s his favourite spot for sate beef pho. I ate at Lotus over three years ago and I thought the noodles were too soft. Last Tuesday, Baron asked me if I wanted to go for pho at Lotus. It was a sign. Enter Ace of Base – The Sign.

Located two clocks away from the City of Calgary municipal building, Lotus is always packed with office workers. I ordered the Sate Beef Rice Noodle Soup ($11.99).

pho best

The meat was nicely sliced and tasted like good quality beef. It wasn’t razor thin or stringy or too fatty like some places. The beef was tender and still pink. The broth was hot, the sate flavouring was subtle and clean, with a nice heat to it. The sprouts and basil were fresh. The noodles were soft. I prefer if the noodles had a bit more of a bite.

Overall, I like Lotus and would go again. I can deal with noodles that lack a bounce. Hitting the Sauce gives Lotus 1.5 fat thumbs up.

Lotus Vietnamese Noodle House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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