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Rau Bistro

It was Richie Rich’s last day at our office. To celebrate his new job, Office Dad, Richie Rich and I planned to visit Ho Won for their famous salt and pepper squid. Asian Persuasion said she didn’t want Chinese and she’d rather go to Charcut. Office Dad suggested that Asian Persuasion and What’s up Hamsup do their thing and we continue to have our lunch at Ho Won. Richie Rich, the diplomatic foodie in our office, asked if we could compromise. I suggested Rau Bistro. For this post, let’s listen to Mary J. Blige – Family Affair.

Unlike some Vietnamese restaurants, the food at Rau Bistro doesn’t come minutes after ordering. We were the first in the restaurant and it took about 15 minutes for our dishes to arrive. Rau Bistro is popular. By the time we left, the entire restaurant was filled with regulars.


What’s Up Hamsup and Richie Rich went for the traditional A Lot Beef ($9.99) with spring rolls. They didn’t say much other than that it tasted good. A Lot Beef is served as a Monday special.


Office Dad ordered the Combo ($12.75), which came with large shrimp, grilled beef and chicken. To his disappointment, no spring rolls were included in his entrée. Office Dad enjoyed his dish so much that he complimented the taste of the meat and seafood several times throughout our meal.

Mixed bowl.jpg

Asian Persuasion ordered the Beef Vermicelli while I ordered the chicken. My chicken was tough and dry. Personally, I would have preferred if the carrots in my bowl were pickled or if basil leaves were added. The beef was delicious, with a hint of char from the grill and wet from a sauce. The spring rolls were made from rice paper and had a chew to it.

beef n.jpg

The beef and pineapple banh mi was yummy. The homemade bread was soft. The sauces, pickled vegetables and beef were jam-packed with flavour. The combination of ingredients was not the standard stuff I get in Chinatown.


We will miss you Richie Rich. I’m not sure how future lunches will happen without your tactful diplomacy. All the best for your future endeavours, including the success of your product Lam Jam.


Rau Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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