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South Silk Road

L’s friend Grohl came to visit us for a week. Grohl use to live in China and he loves Szechuan food. South Silk Road serves up Yunnan cuisine, which is influenced by Han Chinese and other ethnic cuisines. For this posting, let’s listen to “Learn to Fly” by the Foo Fighters.

When we arrived we saw another table in the middle of a beautiful feast. I saw a pot overflowing with goodies, something yummy looking wrapped in tin foil, pigs feet and sweet and sour fish. Their food smelled delicious.

Grohl took over the ordering and selected wood ear mushrooms, shredded potato, mao pao tofu, and lotus and beef. He wanted another dish so I picked fried rice with prosciutto. I would have ordered the dishes the other table ordered but Grohl was on a food rager. He wanted to order all his old favourite dishes from his stint in China.

wood ear.jpg

The mushroom with lotus dish was a good dish to begin our meal ($11). Light, cold and refreshing, I detected loads of fresh garlic, tart notes of vinegar and fresh cilantro. I would order this again.


The Mao Pao Tofu ($11.99) wasn’t spicy. I like the deep flavour of the chili oil and the smoothness of the cubes of tofu. I wish I ordered plain rice instead of the prosciutto fried rice.


I know other reviewers like prosciutto rice but I wouldn’t order this dish again. It was tasty and lightly fried but it just wasn’t my thing.


The Sliced Potato ($12.95) arrived lightly dressed. The potatoes tasted a tad undercooked.


The Fried Dry Beef with Lotus ($14.99) was interesting. The vegetable was sticky, sweet and hard, as was the beef. The vegetables and meat were almost candied.

I liked our server – she was friendly. I also enjoyed South Silk Road’s tea, which I preferred over the typical tea you get at a dim sum restaurant. I want to return to try the eggplant, taro spring rolls, chilli fish, green beans, and the sweet and sour fish.

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