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Oakridge Pizza

My husband’s colleague invited us over for pizza and to watch videos of Japan’s high-speed public and private railways (which was actually quite fascinating). Terry ordered from Oakridge Pizza. She ordered two large pizzas – the Oakridge Family ($26) and the All Meat ($26). If you order two or more pizzas, you get 10% off (except for pick-up) and delivery is free on orders $18.00 or more within a 5km radius.


The pizzas took about an hour to arrive. The Oakridge Family Pizza came with ham, pepperoni, ground beef, salami, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers and we omitted the banana peppers. Though it was loaded with so many ingredients, it didn’t taste too busy. I didn’t find the amount of meats overpowering because of the generous amount of mushrooms and the fresh, crunchy flavours of the tomatoes, green peppers and onions.The flavour of crust is stellar, neither sweet or bland. The sauce is tangy with a little kick to it.


I enjoyed the Oakridge Family Pizza so much, I ate two pieces and was too full to try the All Meat Pizza. My husband liked the Meat Pizza so much he didn’t have any room to try the Oakridge Family Pizza. The Meat pizza contained ham, pepperoni, salami, ground beef and spicy sausage.


The thick layers of cheese and toppings makes for a decadent, high calorie dinner. Oakridge Pizza is in the same league as Hanni’s, our neighbourhood go-to. This is a deluxe, stick-to-your-ribs style of pizza. If I lived in the hood, I’d hit up Oakridge Pizza regularly.


Thank you Terry for hosting a lovely, educational night. Our treat when we return from Japan. I’m already planning on bringing over sushi from Red Ember, or Chinese food from Sun’s BBQ, or maybe pizza from Hanni’s.

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One thought on “Oakridge Pizza

  1. That pizza looks crazy decadent! Just looking at the picture makes me want to sink my teeth into it!

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