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Los Cabo – Day Five

L and I woke up on day five in Cabo wanting Starbucks again for breakfast. We are such regulars that all the baristas recognize us. My favourite breakfast is the ham and cheese croissant. Most of the hot sandwiches are slightly different from the options you get in Canada or the States. For example – the use of ricotta instead of feta, the grilled cheese sandwich, and a savoury strudel.


That morning, we took a purple public bus to check out San Jose. As we arrived on a Thursday and leave on a Thursday, we missed out on San Jose’s popular weekly Art Walk. The bus ride took about 40 minutes.

The bus doesn’t take you directly into town. Instead, you have to get off near the highway and navigate your way over with a map.  I’ve never been to Palm Springs before but I imagine that it looks similar to San Jose. We passed by a lot of brand new American-style stores. Everyone I saw was North American and drove a car.

The town itself is pretty, peaceful and clean. Lots of flowers everywhere and quaint art galleries. I can see Canadian seniors really digging this place. From what I could see, San Jose is quieter than Cabo and sleepier. Personally, I like cities with an urban energy.  I find it far more interesting to be in Cabos, with its louder sounds, smells and hustle and bustle.

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 6.37.34 PM.png

We stopped by Baja Brewing Company for beers to wait for La Lupita Taco & Mezcalto to open at 2:00pm. My boss Tread Lightly visits San Jose frequently and he recommended that I check out La Lupita. The beers at Baja are okay and a nice change from Pacifico. We sampled six different beers ($7.00).


We sat in La Lupita’s outdoor patio and watched an employee make homemade tortillas. L and I both ordered Mexican craft beers ($10 CAN). My Vera Neiga was refreshing and offered a floral bouquet. My favourite beer by far.


We started off with guacamole ($6 CAN) and a side of beans ($3 CAN). I’m glad we ordered something to nibble on because it took forty minutes for our tacos to come out. I didn’t mind because I could see the care and effort that went into each taco.



When the tacos finally arrived – some of them were worth the wait. I found two stones in the rib filling. I was informed it was part of an ingredient.


We sampled pork, rib meat, pork belly, steak, miso fish, and duck tacos ($2.50-$5.00). The best of the bunch were the duck tacos. It tasted like Peking duck in a rice crepe. My least favourite were the more expensive ones – pork belly and the rib meat – both were bland.


L’s favourite was one of the cheapest – al pastor with pineapple. We ordered four tacos each and that made for a filling lunch. He still thinks that the best al pastor tacos are at Pancho’s Takos in Puerto Vallarta.


L and I walked back to the highway and waited for our purple bus. We checked with the driver to ensure we were heading back to the Marina. We went back to our place and rested up before heading out to dinner at Los Tres Gallos, which was only a couple of blocks away from our Airbnb.

I would highly recommend reservations at Los Tres Gallos, as the restaurant is packed nightly. We arrived right at 5:00pm because we didn’t have reservations.  Even though the restaurant was empty, we were still asked if we had reservations and where our hotel was located.

The open air patio is beautiful, the trees in the courtyard are lush and old. Service was excellent – everyone was polite, friendly and professional.


The prices for the food are very reasonable. L and I shared the specialty appetizer of molten stringy cheese and sausage ($12 CAN). Delicious but very rich for even two people to share.


I wasn’t hungry so I ordered the tortilla soup ($10 CAN), which is poured into your bowl at the table. The broth wasn’t hot. There was cubed cheese and avocado and slivers of crispy tortilla. The bowl was small.  I didn’t think the soup was anything special.


L ordered the chicken breast mole enchiladas ($22 CAN). This dish was a winner. The sauce was rich and had a bittersweet aftertaste. The sides of rice and beans were excellent as well. If there’s only way place you could visit in Cabo, this would be it.

Just a warning – the prices for food are reasonable but the drinks are not. There also is no drink menu. For my small tamarind margarita, it cost about $14 (CAN). I could tell there was only a shot of tequila in it. L’s craft beer was $10 (CAN) and my bottle of water was $4 (CAN). If you don’t drink, this prices are a steal. If you do and are on a budget… well, maybe you pre-drink beforehand.

Day 5 highlights: Confirmation that I picked the right city (Cabo versus San Jose), and finding two of my favourite restaurants (Los Tres Gallos and La Lupita).


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