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K&B Pho – Lunch with the Office Family

I was just about to eat a bowl of my homemade ham and split pea soup when Leng Lui came up to me with Office Dad and asked, “Want to check out that K&B Pho place you’ve been dying to try?”.  I’ve been  diligent about bringing my own lunches to work, but for pho, I put my soup in the fridge for the next day.


Office Dad’s son, Clingon, really enjoyed the complimentary tea. We found out from the server that its a Vietnamese tea. Sweeter and with more of an aroma than the tea we normally receive in a Chinese restaurant.


Leng Lui asked if we wanted to share the Spring Rolls ($5.95). Initially, I said no but changed my mind when the spring rolls arrived at the table. Leng Lui used her napkin to soak up the grease. I did the same because I figured that lovely leng lui knew a trick or two to stay so thin. These crunchy morsels were packed full of soft pork and noodles. Really tasty filling. One of the best spring rolls I’ve eaten.

spring roll

Bit size spring roll

I ordered Rare Beef, Flank and Tendon Noodle Soup ($8.99), Leng Lui opted for Beef Sate Noodle Soup ($8.99), Office Dad picked Rare Beef, Flank and Meat Ball Noodle Soup ($8.99) while Clingon chose the BBQ Pork Chop and Fried Eggs on Broken Rice ($9.99).

Pho mix

If you hate cilantro like I do, make sure you tell your server to omit the noxious herb from your dish. The soup was yummy, with a lingering taste of star anise. The noodles were fresh and bouncy. The tendon was soft, while the beef and flank were clearly of higher than average quality.

choi pho

Leng Lui liked her sate a whole lot. She said the beef was sliced with care, unlike most pho restaurants. She thought the broth was unusual but delicious, with notes of creamy peanut sauce.

pork chop

Clingon’s dish was the best. Two big slices of pork chops. The meat smelled like it was fresh off the grill. Clingon was so stuffed from the fried eggs, rice and meat, he didn’t touch the side of vegetables.

andrew pho

We each ordered the large size of pho, which was too much food for even me. I had to give Office Dad some of my noodles. This was the first ever that I couldn’t finish all the noodles in my pho. I will order a small size the next time or share the pork chop dish with Office Dad.

We were all pleasantly surprised with the food. The room is clean and looks like it was recently renovated. The washrooms were another story. Service was slow. However, the food is cheap and delicious, so who cares? Not my office family. Leng Lui said resisted checking out K&B Pho for so long because all the authentic pho places are located in the NE. After eating here, she’s going to bring her boyfriend and all her friends to K&B. I’d say that’s quite a compliment. Pho snob.

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