Lunch Today – HK Style Pho

I have to make a disclaimer about Lunch Today as my friend Leng Lui is a pho snob. Her partner is Vietnamese and she often goes for *authentic* pho. I’ll be honest and say I’m not sure I ever ate *authentic* pho. I only care if it taste good. Office Daddy takes me to his favourite downtown pho joint, Lunch Today. While I know it is not *authentic* pho, I love it for what it is – a clean broth I can drink that isn’t laden with salt and filled with oodles of noodles and meat.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 9.24.07 AM.png

This time around, I ordered what Office Daddy always picks – Chicken Pho. The chicken is all white and tenderized, which makes for pleasant chomping and slurping. I’m informed that the owner slow cooks pork bones for the soup and will add less salt upon request.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 9.24.01 AM

The pork spring rolls are tasty, always hot from the fryer. The perfect bite size, the filling is flavourful enough there is no need for any dipping sauce.

I like that I can drink all the soup and not get bloated or the dry mouth MSG feeling. There is no basil or floating chili spices and other ingredients you find at other Vietnamese restaurants. For ten bucks, I’m full and feeling like I just ate at my Paw Paw’s (Chinese grandmother) house.

There aren’t too many options for inexpensive Vietnamese in the downtown core. If you want to try a Chinese take on Vietnamese pho, check out Lunch Today. The food isn’t traditional but it fills a void in an area not prone to inexpensive hot, filling eats.

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