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Nick’s Steak House and Pizza – Brunch

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I have fond memories of Nick’s. My master’s thesis supervisor would take me here for lunch. In those days, eating out was a real treat, and I enjoyed the pricey (for a student) pizzas and chats about my work. My mother-in-law also likes Nick’s and recently took us out with grandpa W for a Saturday brunch.

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The buffet lunch ($25.00) is a pretty good deal, particularly if you have a sweet tooth. The trays of desserts were all delicious, my favourite being a Turtles like bar with marshmallows and the tiramisu, which I liked more than Mercato’s.

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You can order baby steaks from your server. Though practically bite-size, the steaks are cooked to your preference, lean and flavourful.

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One of the favourite dishes I tried was the veal pasta. The pasta was creamy with a bit of heat to it. I went back for seconds.

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The Eggs Benedict were fresh, topped with ham and a rich holladaise sauce. I was impressed that despite it being a buffet, nothing tasted like it was sitting out. The quality was there as well.

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Besides the dishes I mentioned above, expect to see salads, cold and hot pasta, hand carved roast beef, French toast, an omelet station, pancakes, cheeses, fruit, raw vegetables, sausages, bacon, hash browns and beans.

We were all surprised that the restaurant was not packed. However, the quiet and relaxing atmosphere was a refreshing change from the packed, cramped brunch places so popular with locals. Our family consisted of four generations and a vegetarian, and everyone was pleased with their meal.

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