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Tokyo Joe’s Sushi Factory

I was in town visiting family and friends for Chinese New Year. Boss Lady wanted all of us to meet at one of her functions in Richmond. Before I headed over for the event, I stopped into Tokyo Joe’s.

I’ve eaten here a number of times ever since it opened. You got your haters and people that LOVE Tokyo Joe’s. I like it for what it is – fast food sushi. The sushi is better quality, bigger portions and cheaper than food court sushi. You get your money’s worth here but I would not recommend it for sushi snobs.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 11.54.29 AM

I ordered a chopped scallop roll and toro, salmon and tuna nigiri on brown rice. The huge meal cost me around ten bucks. I sat down and a server came over and brought me tea and miso soup filled with soft cubes of tofu and green onions. I liked the miso soup so much, I helped myself to another bowl. My server came up and asked me if I wanted another bowl. Seeing as miso soup costs upwards to $10 in Calgary, I said yes.

The roll was stuffed generously with chopped scallop. The white rice was a tad hard in some pieces. The fish on the nigiri was fine, but the brown rice was so hot, by the time I tried the toro, the rice heated up the fish. Not the most pleasant experience eating warm raw fish.

If I’m by myself and in the area, I like popping in here for a quick, cheap meal. Would I make the trek to come here if I was in Vancouver? No. Overall, if you aren’t picky, Tokyo Joe’s is A-OK in my book.

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