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Cedars – Market Mall

I’ve been fighting the flu for the past week. L wanted me to get up and walk around a bit, so he thought he’d kill two birds with one stone by shopping and taking me along. I haven’t eaten in a food court in a long time. In my wasted youth, I was a mall rat and even back then, I’ve never been a fan of the food.

sign cedars

We walked past KFC (too greasy), Subway (too generic), and finally stopped at Cedars. I really enjoyed the food at the Panorama Hills location, so I thought it would be a safe choice.

cedars two

The price is right. Around $8.00 for a regular size chicken wrap. The pita was stuffed with everything you could want: lettuce; beets; onions; parsley; tomato; radish and hot peppers. A healthy amount of chicken and garlic mayo completed the wrap.

cedars whole

The value is here. I just wish it was as flavourful as the Panorama Hills location. While there were so many vegetables and pickled condiments, it lacked flavour. The pita would also have tasted better if it was grilled for a couple of minutes longer. However, for mall food, Cedars does a good job of filling you up without using a deep-fryer. Better than Subway, Cedars at Market Mall is just not as good as the original location.


I also wanted to take this moment to thank community manager Lisa Nguyen for sending me a card and water bottle. Zomato just turned seven today and Lisa sent me a gift to celebrate with them. Yahoo. When I’m up and better, I’ll fill it up with some bubbly. Cheers to you Zomato.

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